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Install Resilio/Bittorrent Sync on a WD Wireless Passport Pro

14 January 2017 by CHP

I recently purchased the new Western Digital Wireless Passport Pro and wanted to sync the photos with my NAS.
I decided to use Resilio aka Bittorrent Sync aka Btsync for the syncing.

  • First enable SSH on your WD Passport Pro.
  • Then SSH into the device.
  • mkdir /DataVolume/resilio
  • cd /DataVolume/resilio
  • Download the latest version of Resilio Sync for ARMHF:
  • wget
  • tar -zxvf resilio-sync_armhf.tar.gz
  • rm resilio-sync_armhf.tar.gz
  • Create a default config file.
  • ./rslsync --dump-sample-config > /DataVolume/resilio/btsync.conf
  • Then start Resilio and configure through your web browser.
  • ./rslsync --webui.listen

And that’s it. Resilio Sync starts and is happily syncing away!


If you want Resilio to autostart when your WD Passport starts, follow the instructions at HackViking but with a few changes.

  • For some reason the /etc/init.d/btsync script doesn’t autostart on its own.
  • Since I have Plex Media Server autostarting already, I edited:
    nano /etc/init.d/S80plexmediaserver
  • I added /DataVolume/resilio/rslsync--config /DataVolume/resilio/btsync.conf to the startme() block.
  • And added killall rslsync to the stopme() block.

Now as long as Plex Media Server starts, then Resilio will start when you turn on your device. A bit hacky, but it works.

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