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Install DNS2TCP on iOS

28 April 2014 by CHP

High Level Tutorial to install dns2tcp and use it on your iOS device.


Ubuntu/debian server
domain name
jailbroken iOS device

Configure your domain and create a subdomain:

Create an A record and NS record (check with your domain registrar)

tunnel      IN      A
d2t           IN      NS

replace with the ip address of your Ubuntu/debian server
replace with a domain name in your control


Server configuration

Install dns2tcp:

sudo apt-get install dns2tcp

cat > /etc/dns2tcpd.conf <<EOF
listen =
port = 53
user = nobody
key = password
chroot = /tmp/dns2tcp/
domain =
ressources = ssh:

Run dns2tcp:

dns2tcpd -d 1 -f /etc/dns2tcpd.conf


Client Configuration

Install MobileTerminal, OpenSSH, and dns2tcp on your jailbroken device.

Run in MobileTerminal:

dns2tcpc -z -k password -d 1 -l 2222 -r ssh
starts the dns2tcp tunnel ready to accept ssh connections on port 2222

ssh -D 1080 -p 2222 [email protected]
starts a ssh tunnel for SOCKS proxy

Configure iOS to use SOCKS proxy:

Download iOS pac file
Save it to /private/var/root/proxy.pac

Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > <your network> > HTTP Proxy > Auto
Enter file:///private/var/root/proxy.pac in the URL


All data on your iOS device should now be tunneling through your SOCKS proxy over DNS!


Further reading:


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DIY Travel Pin Map

09 March 2013 by CHP

I have been traveling a lot the past year and finding/carrying lots of different souvenirs from country to country just wasn’t practical. So I decided on pins from each country. Some people collect magnets, shot glasses or snow globes but I chose pins. They’re small and inexpensive.

What better way to display all those pins than on a travel map!

  • I purchased a large world wall map off eBay for $15. Since some pins are fairly large a spacious map was needed so that the pins wouldn’t be all cramped together. This one measures 55 x 39 inches (140 x 100 cm)

DIY world map

  • You will need some form of backing for the map. A large cardboard box from that big screen TV or foam board could be used. I used a large board I bought from the local hardware store for $10.
  • Leave some space on the edges for the frame and glue it down.
  • Use spray glue or Modge Podge to glue the map to the backing. Make sure there are no bubbles!
  • Picture frames are expensive, especially at this size. So I used door trim which is less than $1 for a 1 foot length. I also had some scrap trim available. Measure and cut.

cut door trim

  • I chose a dark brown color for the frame. Paint and let dry.

paint map frame

  • Make a back support for the board which the frame can be nailed to. Again I had some scrap wood, but a few strips from the hardware store should be inexpensive. I added a center strip for some added support.

  • Once you’ve nailed the board to the back support you can start nailing the frame to the board.

nail frame

  • Fill in the nail holes and touch up as needed. Your world map is now framed!

DIY world map pin board

  • Finally the fun part. Stick all your travel pins into the map.

world map pin board

  • An awesome project that looks great and only cost around $35.

world map pinsworld map pins

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