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Install Resilio/Bittorrent Sync on a WD Wireless Passport Pro

14 January 2017 by CHP

I recently purchased the new Western Digital Wireless Passport Pro and wanted to sync the photos with my NAS.
I decided to use Resilio aka Bittorrent Sync aka Btsync for the syncing.

  • First enable SSH on your WD Passport Pro.
  • Then SSH into the device.
  • mkdir /DataVolume/resilio
  • cd /DataVolume/resilio
  • Download the latest version of Resilio Sync for ARMHF:
  • wget
  • tar -zxvf resilio-sync_armhf.tar.gz
  • rm resilio-sync_armhf.tar.gz
  • Create a default config file.
  • ./rslsync --dump-sample-config > /DataVolume/resilio/btsync.conf
  • Then start Resilio and configure through your web browser.
  • ./rslsync --webui.listen

And that’s it. Resilio Sync starts and is happily syncing away!


If you want Resilio to autostart when your WD Passport starts, follow the instructions at HackViking but with a few changes.

  • For some reason the /etc/init.d/btsync script doesn’t autostart on its own.
  • Since I have Plex Media Server autostarting already, I edited:
    nano /etc/init.d/S80plexmediaserver
  • I added /DataVolume/resilio/rslsync--config /DataVolume/resilio/btsync.conf to the startme() block.
  • And added killall rslsync to the stopme() block.

Now as long as Plex Media Server starts, then Resilio will start when you turn on your device. A bit hacky, but it works.

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New Project Gifts Under $20

10 April 2016 by CHP

We have started a fun new project Gifts Under 20!

It is always hard coming up with gift ideas for someone. Sometimes you don’t even know how much to spend on a gift. We figured $20 is a good amount. Not too expensive, but not too cheap either for a gift.

At Gifts Under $20, we scour the internet for unique and funny gift ideas so you don’t have too!
Find gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts for everyone all for under $20.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you have any gift ideas!

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Install DNS2TCP on iOS

28 April 2014 by CHP

High Level Tutorial to install dns2tcp and use it on your iOS device.


Ubuntu/debian server
domain name
jailbroken iOS device

Configure your domain and create a subdomain:

Create an A record and NS record (check with your domain registrar)

tunnel      IN      A
d2t           IN      NS

replace with the ip address of your Ubuntu/debian server
replace with a domain name in your control


Server configuration

Install dns2tcp:

sudo apt-get install dns2tcp

cat > /etc/dns2tcpd.conf <<EOF
listen =
port = 53
user = nobody
key = password
chroot = /tmp/dns2tcp/
domain =
ressources = ssh:

Run dns2tcp:

dns2tcpd -d 1 -f /etc/dns2tcpd.conf


Client Configuration

Install MobileTerminal, OpenSSH, and dns2tcp on your jailbroken device.

Run in MobileTerminal:

dns2tcpc -z -k password -d 1 -l 2222 -r ssh
starts the dns2tcp tunnel ready to accept ssh connections on port 2222

ssh -D 1080 -p 2222 root@
starts a ssh tunnel for SOCKS proxy

Configure iOS to use SOCKS proxy:

Download iOS pac file
Save it to /private/var/root/proxy.pac

Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > <your network> > HTTP Proxy > Auto
Enter file:///private/var/root/proxy.pac in the URL


All data on your iOS device should now be tunneling through your SOCKS proxy over DNS!


Further reading:


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Translate Twitter Tweets

04 March 2014 by CHP

In the process of relaunching the translate Twitter Tweets app.
Try out the beta here –

It’s super simple.

  • Authorize the Translate Twitter Tweets app.
  • Send a direct message (DM) to @noupload
  • Compose your tweet and add the #hashtag code for the language you want to translate into.
  • Send it and in a few minutes your translated tweets with automatically show up in your Twitter feed!

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