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translate twitter
Translate Twitter Automatically translate Twitter tweets into multiple languages

Incubated at Open Lab Network, a YCombinator type incubator in Tokyo, Japan

read later Save web pages to read later. Read your saved web pages anywhere, at your convenience - no internet access required!

businesses for sale Aggregates business for sale listings from multiple websites into a single comprehensive search solution. A vertical search engine of businesses for sale

Bloom County Search Engine Help build the first Bloom County comic strip and quotes search engine! ~2000 Anti-hotlinking SaaS for images and files ~1999 Hosted e-card SaaS. Received a number of acquisition offers during the dot com boom, but decided not to sell... bad decision

bloom county archive
Bloom County Zone 1996 Fan site for the Bloom County and Outland comic strips One click server on demand service. "The Snapchat of servers"


IBM 2005 - 2009 IT Consultant

Dell 2001 - 2005 Developer/Software Engineer


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Donor Match - Medical Stickers
Get medical stickers for iMessages on your Apple device.

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Corner Supply - making physical objects
Now open. Buy something! When you have a hard time finding gift ideas, giftsunder20 lists gifts that cost under $20.

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